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Fifa World Cup: Qatar reveals process to enter through land border for fans travelling from UAE, Saudi Arabia

Fifa World Cup: Qatar reveals process to enter through land border for fans travelling from UAE, Saudi Arabia

Abu Samra land line going among Qatar and Saudi Arabia is good to go to get Fifa World Cup fans from November 1, 2022, until December 23 2022. Qatar's Service of Inside declared that fans who wish to enter the country through the Abu Samra line with an extraordinary passage license in their vehicles should have an endorsed vehicle section grant through the Hayya stage.

Specialists have uncovered that the Abu Samra line crossing, with further developed offices and free stopping, could now get 4,000 explorers each hour and is open for guests. The passage techniques to be followed at the line crossing have been isolated into various classes as follows:

They will have enter the country as consistently as under ordinary conditions, gave that:

The vehicle conveying them should have a Qatari number plate.

A Hayya card isn't obligatory.

Fans with unique authorization

An affirmed convenience endorsed through the Hayya stage for at least 5 evenings is an unquestionable necessity for the driver in particular. There ought to be at least three individuals in the vehicle and will not surpass a limit of six individuals, while every one of them ought to convey a Hayya card.

Apply for the vehicle passage grant on the authority Hayya stage. Whenever endorsed, the candidate will get an email with a connection to electronically get the vehicle protection. Endless supply of the protection, the candidate should circle back to the stage in no less than 24 hours to get the grant by paying a non-refundable charge of QAR 5,000 (Dh5,043). 

Fans need to take note of that the vehicle passage license is for single utilize just and can't be utilized for numerous visits. Guests have been told not to drive in confined regions (A-Ring and B-Ring streets and streets and convergences prompting them.


Those crossing the Abu Samra land boundary to go to a match or matches in no less than 24 hours can enter and leave Qatar without earlier lodging reservations. In any case, the accompanying circumstances are expected for their entrance.

Convey a Hayya Card (One day fan classification)

Pre-reservation of line parking spot through Hayya stage before appearance in Qatar.

Stopping is free for the initial 24 hours from the hour of passage.

A help charge of QAR 1,000 applies for the subsequent day. Assuming that the vehicle is left over 48 hours after section, the vehicle will be towed and an extra towing expense of QAR 1,000 (Dh1,008) will be charged. (Installment can be made electronically by means of a connection shipped off the email address enrolled on the stage).

Go in Qatar transports from Abu Samra designated spot to Doha Focal Station (Al Messila) or Al Qalayel meeting point for families and companions. The stopping reservation administration will be accessible from November 1, 2022, and can be utilized with the Hayya card.

Appearances by transport

For those showing up by transport, the accompanying circumstances are expected for passage:

All travelers are expected to convey a Hayya Card.

Arrive at the appearances lobby at the designated spot to finish the section techniques into the country. Take the Qatar transports from the line to Doha Focal Station (Al Messila) or to the Loved ones Meet and Welcome Region outside the boundary at Al Qalayel.

Helpful cases

For the individuals who don't have a Hayya card (through air terminals just), as follows:

Apply for the license through the Service of Home Issues 

Applications will be inspected and replied in six hours or less. The endorsement will be messaged to the candidate when the circumstances are met.

The license must be utilized once.

Business trucks will be permitted to enter through the Abu Samra Boundary Crossing from 11.00pm to 6.00am from November 15 to December 22, 2022 to guarantee smooth passage for football fans.


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