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A fresh start for Sierra Leonean women’s football

 A fresh start for Sierra Leonean women’s football

Ladies' football in Sierra Leone has quite recently entered a thrilling new time, with the nation's Ladies' Chief Association starting off on 15 October 2022. Interestingly, the African country's main 12 ladies' groups will confront each other home and away and battle it out for the option to become Sierra Leonean champions. The association isn't such a lot of an instance of development as insurgency. Over three years have passed since Sierra Leone last had a ladies' association in activity, and, surprisingly, then it was just a provincial rivalry.

Wusum Arena in the city of Makeni was the scene for the initial match of the new Ladies' Head Association, with Mena Sovereigns facilitating the Kahunla Sovereigns before a huge group. Among those watching was the Leader of the Republic Sierra Leone, General Julius Maada Bio, joined by his better half, Fatima Jabbie Bio. The match finished in a 1-0 win for the guests, with Matilda Kabba scoring the objective on what was a tremendous day for Sierra Leonean football.

"It is a seriously big deal to us to see this new association get going," said Asmaa James Kamara, the top of the Chief Association's board. "How the situation is playing out is a certified change of ladies' football in Sierra Leone." a change has gotten the monetary help of FIFA, through its Forward Program, and the Sierra Leonean government.

"Whether you take a gander at it from a worldwide or a public perspective, we as a whole know the benefits that football brings to the table," she added. "We couldn't want anything more than to see Sierra Leone have a full impact on the world's ladies' football scene. Hopefully this association can assist with getting that going."

Under a year on from their entrance in the FIFA/Coca-Cola Ladies' Reality Positioning, Sierra Leone are proceeding with their move up the worldwide order. The Ladies' Head Association makes certain to immediately affect the capacity of the country's players to contend. Thus, it will likewise help the improvement of the public group, the Sierra Sovereigns, who might appear now to be in good shape.


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